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Chicken Spinach Farfalle Alfredo (Easy & Delicious)

30 Sep


Serves 8


1 box pasta of choice – I use Barilla Farfalle
1 package frozen spinach
2 jars alfredo sauce of choice
freshly grated parmesan cheese
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, diced. I use the thin slices of chicken. Cooks quicker and I personally think is better in the recipe. Do as you please though 🙂


Dice chicken, cook with favorite spices. I usually use garlic powder and lemon pepper.
Boil water for pasta – Cook pasta
When pasta and chicken is about done, cook spinach.
Once everything is done I drain the pasta, throw the sauce and chicken into the pan, drain the spinach toss that in, and then mix in the pasta.
I heat until desired heat, then I grate the parmesan cheese into the pan. As much as you want. Mix it all together. Then I top it off with more grated parmesan.